Saturday, 26 February 2011

5 Things That Make You Feel Good

I was tagged for this by Scottish Mummy and its my first linky so I'm having a go, please be kind!  This is the original brief:

What you cannot choose.  The Rules are Simple
We all know that blogging / facebook, & or twitter  is in our arena of what we like to do, so I am going to rule them out as one of the 5 that you can post about.  They really are not very girly.    Likewise, phones, computers, ipads are all out of the running.
 I am challenging myself to this, as I am really not a girly girly type of person, and I want to find that within myself.   It’s not all about power suits, filofaxes, ipads and designer phones.
If you want to pass this along, pick bloggers that you want to find out more about, and challenge them to write up their 5 secret passions that make them feel good.  The idea is to lift our spirits this week.  The fact that there is a linky added, just makes it all the more worthwhile in doing.

  1. My kids - They have their difficulties bless them and they're not the most obedient or well behaved of kids.  But I'm proud of them and I love them.  And I'm working on being a better mum and they're working at being better behaved.  And between us we'll get there.  They tell me that they love me every day and I get loads of cuddles and kisses so I can't be doing to badly!  They love their fruit and Boy LOVES vegetables (strange child!)
  2. My hair - I haven't got a single grey!  I'm 31 so I thought I'd have a few by now but I'm secretly proud of the fact that to date I don't have one single silver streak.
  3. My cooking - When I was pregnant we ate takeaways, pizza and chips alot but since I had Bug I've been cooking more healthily, and not just my bog standard curry and bolognaise.  I've been using Sainsburys 5 meals for £20 for inspiration and I've been able to cook different meals and hide the vegetables so that the kids will eat them.  Even my sister asked for cooking tips the other day and she's the cooking expert of the family!!
  4. Custard - When I first got married I couldn't make custard, even from powder (not the instant stuff but where you have to bring the milk to the boil!) it either went really lumpy or really thin.  But my OH loves custard, we have to have custard with everything, so I had to learn.  And now I can make custard.  Without looking at the tin!  Wahoo - achievement :)
  5.  My Determination - Whenever things get tough I grit my teeth and get on with what needs to be done.  It's hard and I want to collapse in a big heap and cry but with determination I can get through anything.  And because I've done it before I know I can do it again.
 There, that's my list.  5 things you probably didn't know about me!  Now to try and work out this linky thing...

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  1. Ah hun what a lovely list :-) glad you've linked up with us all. I've really enjoyed this linky and am looking forward to the next...whatever that may be. Enjoying your tweets treacle :-) Take Care xx


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