Thursday, 10 February 2011

How Many Pushchairs Is Enough?

Ok I've counted up and including the ones in the loft I've got 6 pushchairs/buggies/prams!!  Well its an average of 2 per child so can't be too bad surely?

So, how did I end up with 6 and how do I justify still having them all?

The first is the original travel system i had for Girl when she was born, a Graco pushchair/travel seat etc.  It's a fanastic pushchair, it even has a thermometre on it!!  I'm still using the car seat even though I'm not using the pushchair so I can't get rid of that one.  So its sitting in the loft.

Second is the little fold up buggy I bought to put Girl in when I was pregnant with Boy and couldn't manage the Graco in and out of the car all the time.  A pretty little unisex buggy with a hood but it didn't lie back so I couldn't use it for Boy.  I'll probably use it again when Bug is bigger.  That one's in the loft too!! 

Third is the double buggy I bought to put Girl and Boy in together  as there was only 22 months between them - it's so cute, its blue on one side, pink on the other, says Bro and Sis on it!  I love that pushchair, had so many comments on it.  But that one's in the loft because I got given another double buggy!!

Unfortunately buggy number 2 didn't lie flat so I had to buy one that did as Boy still slept in his buggy once we didn't need the twin anymore.  So of course I had to buy a buggy that lay flat so he could sleep in it.  That was just a basic one I bought off ebay.  It's sitting in the hall as although it still functions it's a bit tatty and I'm not sure whether to take it to the tip or put it on Freecycle.  Plus sometimes Daddy takes Boy out on his own and needs a pushchair for him.

The fifth pushchair is another double - I was given it by someone else and it takes the carseat like a travel system so Bug can face me, which I prefer.  When they're babies I hate having them face away.  Boy sits at the front weighing it down and Girl tries to get on the seat the carseat fits on as she thinks if Boy and Bug and sit on the pram then she should be able to as well!!  When Bug is bigger I expect I'll use the pink and blue pram again when I need a double buggy as it's just too cute not to use!  But for now this is the double I'm using.

My final pram is really my 'I don't need it but I want it' pram!  It's a BebeConfort pram with a proper pram unit on it, but then it converts to a pushchair that folds up really small.  I fell in love with it when I first saw it and had to have it!

So there you have it - 6 prams and good reasons for having them all!!  Can you beat my record???


  1. Can't beat your record I'm afraid! I have one for Sausage and that's it, he has a little pink toy one though, so does that count as 1 1/2 pushchairs in the house?

    I think your new blog looks fabulous! I love the colour scheme and I'm sure you'll go from strength to strength! :O)

  2. I cannot beat it either, I had twins and spent the first few weeks complainihng about my first buggy so wide I could not get it through my local shop door or in my hall, so exchanged for a McClarens twin side by side that was light but sturdy. It lasted right through and I added tow sun strollers for if they went out seperately.

    You are justified though but with all the twin paraphenalia I had I could not find the room.

    Love the blog xx

  3. Wow I only have two at home and then one for each of the grandparents but that goes for high chairs and childrens chairs too. Hey its been great tweeting with you. Do try and do the 'linky' like I suggested and you'll soon have many more followers :-) Enjoying getting to know you and yours take care xx - am always welcoming new friends and followers xx

  4. I only have 4, 2 in the loft, 1 in the garage & 1 in my boot but the 2 in the loft haven't been used for about 7 years!!

    You sound as though you really have your hands full so I forgive you for having so many!


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