Monday, 21 February 2011

Koo-di Wetec Review - for potty training Mums

Hands up who has put a plastic carrier bag or bin bag on their car seat or buggy under their toddler when potty training in an attempt to protect said seat?!  Yup, guilty as charged!!  Well the kind people at sent me this product to review which means I don't have to have a rustly toddler anymore!

This is the press release:

The Wetec Seat Protector & Booster Seat Protector from Koo-di provide a simple and effective method of protecting seats while keeping baby’s skin comfortably dry. Made from soft cotton terry towelling with a padded absorbent lining and waterproof backing.   The Wetec range is machine washable at 40°C and extremely easy to use. Simply position into the seat and it is held in place using the harness.
Koo-di Wetecs are not only essential for protecting expensive car seats and pushchair covers during toilet-training, but also provide that extra bit of security for younger babies too. In the event of nappy leakages, particularly on long car journeys, the Wetec will keep baby’s skin dry until it is convenient to stop for a nappy change.
When I first opened up the package I was surprised at the size of the product – it looked a little small. But I noticed the loop which fits over the crotch strap in a pushchair or car seat and I found that this really kept the Wetec in place.
Having the Wetec with me in the car really gave me the confidence to take Boy out without a nappy on. Previously I’d either taken him out in the car with a nappy on or used plastic bags in case of accidents. The very first time I used it I had the chance to prove how well it worked! He wet himself but the Wetec worked brilliantly! The car seat was dry which definitely takes the hassle out of potty training. But the best thing was how dry it kept Boy. When I changed him his underpants and trousers were hardly wet at all, in fact they were barely damp which meant that using the Wetec I could quite easily have waited until I got home to change him and he would have been quite comfortable. Although initially I thought the Wetec was small it did the job perfectly well.
Personally I’d like to have 2 of these so that I could have one in use and one for spare, although to be honest, you don’t really need to change swap it out, its just for your own peace of mind. My mum was so impressed she wants one for her car. It has definitely taken the hassle out of being out and about when potty training.
The Wetec washed really easily and dried well too. Very happy with it and would recommend to any potty training mums!!
They retail for between £5-£10 depending on where you get them from so they aren't expensive for the peace of mind that you get when using one.
The Wetec in my car seat

I haven't been paid for this review but I was provided the Wetec by for the purpose of the review.

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  1. My son has soaked his car seat a million times I think, this is a fabulous idea, and I'll keep an eye out for them in future. Very thorough review and well written as always. :O)


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