Saturday, 5 March 2011

Captcha - How I Hate You!

Dear Captcha,

Firstly, let me say that I understand your purpose.  You are there to make sure blogs and competitions don't get over run by spam.  I understand that.  I appreciate that.  I am even grateful.  However I do have some criticisms.

Lately you have been behaving rather oddly.  Not only could a bot not read you - I can't read you!  Firstly, the words, they aren't words.  They're just random letters put together to look like a word.  Secondly, your hand writing.  Lately it has been simply appalling.  Look, I know you have to write on several thousand (if not million) websites a day and have to constantly rewrite for us idiots who can't read the first code, but still, show some integrity please!  When all the letters are jumbled up against each other how on earth am I supposed to work out what that word says?  So, slow down, write a little clearer and then you won't have to do all those re-writes!  Simples!

By the way, I'm not some illiterate, I used to be a secretary and my boss's hand writing could be used for some sort of code because only I could decipher it.  I always said if I could decipher his hand writing I could decipher anyones - you, however, have the first writing to stump me.  Even me, yes me, has to click on the little button at the side of the code sometimes because I just cannot make head nor tail of your writing!

Yours sincerely

A frustrated comper and blogger

PS: please be kind to anybody who tries to comment on this post!!


  1. I just put a comment, typed captcha and then accidentally deleted it or something - so captcha definitely does seem to have it in for me! :O( Amusing and very true blog!!! They do my head in too!

  2. and have you ever tried listening the codes instead? It's all just background noise & then with no warning someone says a number....and then you've missed it!!!

  3. Hubby and I have just had a good chuckle at this. They are the bain of my life!

  4. I hate captcha I have not got it on my blog but as discussed on Twitter it allows for lots of spammy entries to comps and dodgy businesses but they amuse me somewhat.
    What is the worst is where you wite a long piece, add captcha. It goes wrong and when you go back the entire post has gone..GRRRRR

    OMG Jo just really laughed you have captcha too take it off!!!


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