Friday, 4 March 2011

Potty Mouthed

We're potty training Boy at the minute.  Which means that most of our conversations revolve around wees and poos.  It has caused some hilarity tho.  The other day we had a discussion about whether poo came out of his bum or his willy (nobody ever prepares you for these conversations when you are about to become a mum!).  And then we have to go through lists of things.

Boy: We don't eat poo do we?

Me:  No, we don't eat poo.

Boy: And we don't eat elephant poo do we?

Me:  (Where is this coming from?) No we don't eat elephant poo.

Boy: And we don't eat cow poo do we?

Me:  (Giggling by now) No, we don't eat cow poo either.

That's just some of the silly conversations we've had lately.  At a friends house they heard the song 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' but they heard it wrong so in our house its 'Head, Shoulders, Cheese on Toast'!

They're hard work but bless them they have me in stitches so much!

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  1. Hi, your post made me smile because my son was fascinated with poo for years!


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