Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sweet Junkie Sugar Free Sweets - Review

While tweeting I came across a company called Sweet Junkie.  After we established that the tweeter was actually a man and not a woman (for some reason we comping tweeters seem to assume that all tweeters are female, I don't know why but we do) we welcomed him as a great addition to twitter, especially as he offered a competition for sweets!!  Which I won!!!  Yay me!!

Within a couple of days a huge box of sweets arrived including 2 packets of sugar free sweets, Rhubarb & Custard and Cough Candy Twists.

Cough Candy Twists

Rhubarb & Custard
To be honest I was wary of trying the sugar free sweets at first because my experience of sugar free sweets is that they tend to have a chemical aftertaste.  I was very pleasantly surprised!  The sweets tasted like the traditional version, although they weren't overly sweet.  There was only a slight aftertaste, barely noticeable compared to other sugar free sweets I've had.  They were scrumptious and even my hubby enjoyed them!

Sweet Junkie have a huge variety of sugar free sweets which would be well worth trying.

If you're not after sugar free sweets then they have a massive range of 'normal' sweets and a great selection of liquorice and aniseed flavoured sweets.  Although not sugar free I have to recommend Willetts Liquorice & Aniseed.  They were absolutely gorgeous, in fact I had to rescue them from my father in law before he ate them all!

The sweets are amazing and the company is really friendly, and the delivery is very fast.  If you are looking to buy sweets I would thoroughly recommend Sweet Junkie!

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  1. Sweet Junkie are a very friendly company, and I'd highly recommend the sweets too. Sugar free sweets sound healthy too. Could eat tons without feeling guilty! Congrats on your win!


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