Monday, 30 May 2011

Gtech Germguard Power Sweeper Review

I was recently sent a Gtech Germguard Power Sweeper to review and I have to honestly say - 


It's a fantastic product and is really helping me keep my home clean.  Why do I love it so much?

Firstly, it's great for cleaning the stairs.  It's cordless so you don't have to stop halfway and unplug it from the landing and plug it in in the hall.  Also, the long handle is detachable so it can easily be used handheld - sooo much easier than lugging your vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs.

Secondly, it's powerful!  I've had a handheld cleaner before and it was rubbish.  It didn't pick up anything.  With the Gtech, it picked up pretty much everything, as much as my regular vacuum cleaner, and I was shocked by the state of the tray and how much it had actually picked up.  I mean I had only vacuumed the day before but when I used the Gtech Floor Sweeper on my tiny living room this was the result:

The ultimate test for it was when my son got hold of some glitter which he spread all over my bedroom carpet.  The Gtech picked up all of the glitter very quickly, which I was really surprised at.  I didn't even have to go over it with my regular vacuum.

I also love the fact that with the Germguard sweeper not only am I picking up dirt off the floor, it is also cleaning with an antibacterial additive - very important for me as my 6 month old baby is now crawling.

The Gtech is rechargeable and one recharge will give you enough power to do living room, hall, stairs and landing and a bedroom.  It's lightweight, so brilliant for people who can't manage a regular vacuum cleaner.  The collecting tray is really easy to empty - you just slide it out, empty it, then slide it back in again.

It's never going to replace your regular vacuum cleaner because you will always need your crevice tools and the collection tray isn't very big so you are emptying it quite frequently.  However I keep mine upstairs to save me lugging my normal cleaner up and down the stairs every time.  It's also great for having a quick clean up during the week when you don't have time to get your big vacuum cleaner out.

The blurb for the product says:

Peace of mind cleaning with the SW18 Germguard our exclusive antibacterial material on machine touch points.
Germguard is a ‘silver ion’ antibacterial additive blended into the plastic during manufacture and exclusive to Gtech.
It kills over 99% of bacteria including MRSA, E.Coli, Salmonella, and Listeria.
Effective across all floor types including pet hair removal and larger debris.
Additional features include patented edge cleaning wheel. Removable handle/visor for effective stair cleaning. Dynamic steering joint for ease of use and a low profile long reach for awkward under furniture cleaning. Easy to empty 0.5 litre bin.

The Germguard sweeper retails for about £45 but I think it is well worth the money as it is a high quality product.

I was sent the Gtech Germguard Power Sweeper for the purpose of this review but the opinions expressed within are my own.  

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  1. Oooh wow I could do with one of these, sounds fab!


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