Friday, 8 July 2011

Avon Eyeshadow - Why Did I Keep Buying Them?

I've been an Avon rep tho had to stop recently after Bug was born.  I love eyeshadows and kept buying all their new shades and quads but was vaguely aware that I wasn't quite happy with them, which is why I kept buying more.

After reading lots of beauty blogs I've finally worked out what the problem is - the eyeshadows are rubbish!  I believe the correct term is lack of pigmentation - the shades look fab in the palette but when you apply them there is hardly any colour.

I'm not very good at photos yet so can't show you what I mean but I think I'll be throwing away all my Avon eyeshadows and finding a replacement.  I know No 7s are quite good and have heard good things about Beauty UK but am open to any suggestions!

I thought I was just rubbish at applying them until I used one of my old No 7 eyeshadows and realized how much more colour I was getting!

Something else I noticed as a rep is that when taking photos of their products, they don't take photos of each of the different shades.  If you look closely all the pictures are exactly the same, and I defy anyone to make an eyeshadow break up in the same way.  Which means that the photos are not an accurate representation of the colours but have been shopped to make them look that colour.

I've always loved Avon products but have become a bit disillusioned lately.


  1. rach_t said...
    I couldn't agree more! my mum is an avon rep and there are many things i love(the spectra lash mascara is the best mascara i've ever used, an i've tried a lot!) But the eyeshadows are just lame.. i also have loads of them but find myself never wearing them. The only ones fairly ok are the cream sticks but they seem to have been discontinued. The eyeliner liquid pens are awful also.. definitely don't recommend. For true colour i have found boujois very good and also like you said no 7.
    Ps great blog!

  2. I've never bought from Avon, just never got around to it. But I do know from experience that the No 7 stuff is very good. Hope you find some other eyeshadows that you find work a bit better soon. x


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