Wednesday, 13 July 2011

#MUMenTUM - The Tricks We Use

I've not made a #MUMenTUM post for a couple of weeks - probably because I was ashamed.  I've not had a very good couple of weeks - I've stalled, diet wise, but trying to give myself a kick up the bum.  So far I've lost 1 stone 5 1/2lbs which isn't bad but I've been hanging around the 1 stone 2-4lb mark for a few weeks now and it's time to get back onto losing weight.  So I thought I'd list some of the tricks I use to make sure the scales say what I want them to say, and the other methods we employ to have our cake and eat it!!

  1. Take as much off before you get on the scales.  Watch, glasses - you name it, it's coming off.
  2. Wee as much as possible before weigh in.  It's a well known fact that water retention will make you put on weight so try to wee away as much as possible before you get on those scales.  I have been known to go to the loo before I leave the house and as I arrive at Slimming World.  5 minutes away!
  3. Food that you eat after weigh in doesn't count.  Hence the huge bar of chocolate and 2 bottles of cider I've just downed (and that's just what I'm admitting to!)  Weigh in night is treat night and you've got all week to lose those pounds so stuff yourself (disclaimer - this is not a recommended diet tactic, it's just how normal people manage a diet!)
  4. Don't eat before weigh in.  Any meal is bound to add a couple of pounds!
  5. If you normally get weighed in jeans and think you may not have lost this week then go in a skirt or something else light weight.  Swapping jeans for a lightweight skirt or shorts or leggings is good for at least a pound!
So, those are my scales tactics for when I know I've had a bad week.  Come on,  admit it, we all have them.  So my question is - what tricks do you use?

Another disclaimer.  Please do not follow this blog in an attempt to lose weight.  Any weight loss will only be achieved by a calorie controlled diet and plenty of exercise!

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  1. Ohh bless you, I recognise so many of those. I am very glad to say that I have stopped doing them all, except weeing before weighing. I got obsessed with weighing, so now I weigh once a week in the morning naked after a wee! and that is it.

    My head gets too messed up with a try tactics.

    Well done on your great loss so far, keep going.

    Mich x


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