Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Spider Bones by Kathy Reichs

I love the 'Bones' series of books.  I've read all of them and was reading them before the series appeared.  I was delighted to find it had been made into a TV series but found the character of Temperance Brennan on TV to be quite different from the Temperance Brennan in the books.  For instance, the TV version appears to be on the Autistic Spectrum whereas the book version is an alcoholic (tho mostly on the wagon).  I find i have to separate the two characters and enjoy them separately as the 2 don't really relate.  They even have different family backgrounds.

Anyway, I always look forward to the new Bones book and Spider Bones was not a disappointment.  Again, graphic detail, bizarre twists and danger for the heroine herself.  Although I have to say, I did see the end twist coming, I thought the clues dropped were a bit heavy handed and rather obvious.

The best bit about the entire book is when a cop says to a suspect: "You claim to be smart.  Know all about DNA.  I'm sure you watch CSI and Law and Order.  Maybe Bones, but that may be over your head."  The sheer gall of referring to her own TV programme based on the Bones books took my breath away, made me laugh, re-read the sentence and enjoy the book even more that Ms Reichs felt comfortable making that reference!

So if you love the Bones series of books, if you love a good mystery, or if you are new to the books and enjoy CSI and similar dramas then get hold of this book.  The technicalities can sometimes bog you down but nothing can stop you enjoying this good read.

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  1. I love that there is self referencing, very clever and funny too. Never read any of these books or seen the series. I'm afraid I think I'm too thick to follow the plots of these books, lol! I'll stick to Silly Moo ;O)


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