Friday, 12 August 2011

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #5

I've joined in with The Heads Office 100 Words Challenge for Grown Ups.  This is the 5th week but the 1st week I've joined in.  This was the prompt this week:


I clung to the floor like a fly to a window pane as I felt the familiar waves of panic wash over me.  The floor moved under me, as liquid as the sea, yet the people staring at me as they walked past seemed to have no idea that the ground beneath them was so unstable.  Blackness engulfed my soul like a suit covering every inch of me.  I barely heard the man who came up to me: 'Miss, are you ok?'  I heard a scream, then realised it was my own voice uttering the same word over and over.


  1. You got inside the head of the panic-stricken woman so well, that reading it I almost felt as if it was me. I love the part about people not realising how unstable the ground was.

  2. Wow! Where have you been the past 4 weeks?! This is fabulous writing. My heart was beating faster as I was catching my breath with your character. I do hope you will join again. You must share this wonderful talent!

  3. Really good writing. I really wanted to know what the character was terrified about and what the 'same word' was. Looking forward to your next contribution.

  4. I do like these sensual pieces. I felt a touch unhinged myself! What was that word? And why was she so distraught? Maybe the two are connected?
    Good work.

  5. I agree with Ventahl what was the word she was screaming over and over.

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