Friday, 12 August 2011

Nails Inc Haul!!

I recently discovered nails inc and had a little spending spree on their website!  However, thanks to a discount code, the Lucky Dip and free gift I ended up with 14 nail polishes for less than £4.75 each - not bad for full size nails inc polishes!  I tried to photograph them all but some of the nudes didn't photograph very well but here you go anyway:

I'll try to come back and name all the different shades later.  The pink one in the middle is a much richer colour than it shows on this photo and actually looks better applied than on the bottle.  I've tried 5 of the colours already and am pretty happy with them, although one of the glitters peeled pretty quickly, but I'll do a blog on the individual colours later on.

I'm hoping to get better at photographing nail polish to give a better true representation, although photos never really show colours as well I think.

Only 9 more shades to get thru lol!

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