Sunday, 25 September 2011

tommee tippee NEW Sangenic® Wrap & Go

I was recently sent this product to review.

NEW Sangenic®Wrap & Go nappy wraps are:
  • anti-bacterial, killing 99% of germs on contact
  • infused with a fresh citrus scent to combat odour
Not only are the wraps hygienic and easy to use,but the NEW Sangenic®Wrap & Go dispenser fits neatly into a change bag, hand bag, or will clip onto your baby’s pram, pushchair or even your car door. So you’ll always have these hygienic wraps at your fingertips for your ultimate convenience!

The system consists of a little bucket with a handle and a roll of wraps.  The roll fits on a little prong in the bucket and the lid fits on top and can be used to wrap or unwrap the roll.  The wraps then fit thru the slot on the side.

I was impressed by the fresh scent of the wraps.  This is definitely a product you want in your changing bag if you are likely to have to carry around a dirty nappy for a while before you can get to a bin.  Normal nappy bags just don't stop the smell from escaping and I've quite frequently had a pongy bag or car.  The sangenic wraps are definitely good for keeping the smell all locked in.  They are also larger than the average nappy bag too so ideal if you have a toddler or maybe a disabled child in nappies.

The design is nice and bright and you should be able to detach the handles so you can hang the little bucket from your pushchair handle, tho I haven't quite worked that out yet.  Unfortunately the lid isn't brilliantly designed.  I found it quite often fell off and then the roll of wraps fell out and unwrapped themselves all over my bag.

The dispenser and 2 refills retail for £4.99 and 3 separate refills also retail for £4.99.  Each roll contains 15 wraps so it works out quite expensive and I would probably stick to my 89p for 100 bags for most nappy changes, but I would use these wraps for those instances when it's not possible to dispose of a dirty nappy straight away.

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