Saturday, 9 June 2012

Bob the Builder – Let’s go to Work Playsets Review

I receive a fair few parcels so my son was delighted when a parcel arrived with something for him!

We were sent 2 Bob the Builder Let's go to Work playsets, the Builder's Yard and the Suppliers Yard.  Both playsets are sturdy with lots of fun construction activities and one Bob the Builder character.

The Builder's Yard is great fun!  It comes with Bob himself, a skip, a wheelbarrow, little pieces of 'concrete', a pneumatic drill and loads more accessories.  There's a concrete chute where the lid lifts up and the child can drop the little pieces of 'concrete' (or anything else he can find!) down the chute and into the wheelbarrow.  There are also tiles which lift up to reveal pipework underneath, and the pneumatic drill can be used as a lever to lift them up, which is a nice touch.

The Suppliers Yard comes with Charlie, various building supplies, shelving and a little pallet lift.  In fact there's so many accessories it's hard to know what to play with.

Something I loved about these playsets is that although they can be played with perfectly well on their own, they can also be added to - you can buy track to connect the playsets up, and the skip and the pipes come with loops which you can use Lofty (if you have him) to lift them up.  I shall definitely be buying some track and a Lofty as I think they will complete this set, although they are complete playsets on their own.

Boy was really happy with the playsets and keeps playing with them.  The only slight problem I have with them is that there are loads of little bits which could easily get lost, and there's nowhere to store them, so I've had to supply him with a box to keep them in.  Also, the accessories are very small so I've had to make sure to keep them out of the way of the Bug.  At 18 months old pretty much everything goes in her mouth!!  But other than that I think these playsets are great and would thoroughly recommend them.

One Boy, very happy with his new toys!  Thomas and the penguin aren't included in the playsets but appear wherever my children are!

I didn't realise you could connect them up with tracks so just connected the 2 playsets together!

I was sent the playsets for the purposes of this review but no financial incentive was given.  The opinions within this post are my own.

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