Sunday, 28 October 2012

Persil Limited Edition Warm Spice Washing Up Liquid

What do you like your washing up liquid to smell of?  I'm quite fussy about my smells, I don't do florals or heavy scents.  I have been known to giveaway perfectly good bottles of washing up liquid, polish, nail polish remover, all because I can't stand the smell.  So I usually go for something safe, like lavender or camomile.  But if it doesn't say floral on the bottle I'll give it a try!

Persil have brought out a 'festive' Warm Spice washing up liquid. The press release says:

Persil’s Warm Spice washing up liquid has warming notes of ground cinnamon, hints of cloves and additional scents of citrus, creating a fabulous fragrance which will add the perfect festive feel to your kitchen this winter. Persil’s Warm Spice washing-up liquid also has a vibrant red colour to match its festive aroma.
Persil washing-up liquid not only cleans your dishes, bowls and utensils with ease, removing even the most stubborn baked on food and grease, but also refreshes your washing-up bowl and kitchen with a fabulous festive burst of fragrance each time you use it.  

It's a really good scent, the smell is very similar to similar warm or winter spice fragrances that can be found in other products and candles.  The smell isn't too strong, although it can be a bit much if you are using the washing up liquid neat when cleaning the cooker.  However, it did have an interesting side effect.  It made me hungry!  The smell really got my taste buds going, and I'm not sure that's what I want if I'm washing up after a big dinner!  But it is a lovely smell to have in the kitchen.

The washing up liquid did a good job of my burnt on veggie stew, so it is multi-functional!  To be honest I don't often use Persil, but a retail price of £1.00 for a 500ml bottle it is competitively priced against my usual brand, and the smell does it make it stand out against other washing up liquids.

All in all it is a good buy and one I will definitely be looking out for in the supermarket.

I was sent this product for review purposes but received no other compensation.  The opinions in this review are my own honest views.

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