Sunday, 27 January 2013

Back to the Polish - A England Tristam and She Walks in Beauty

Well the controversy over Royal Mail destruction of packages is still going on but I thought I'd leave that unpleasantness to one side and focus on what really matters - the polish!  And in sympathy to Adina at A England who is really suffering over this awful business, I decided to show you 2 of the beauties I recently acquired.

When A England's sale was on I took the opportunity to snap up a few of these gorgeous polishes including one I had been lusting over for a while - She Walks in Beauty.

Both polishes applied beautifully of course.  And wore so well!

I found She Walks in Beauty very hard to work out what it is.  Is it a rose gold polish with pink glitter or a pink polish with rose gold glitter?  I'm still not sure!  I sponged it over Tristam - the results weren't quite what I hoped for but I was still really pleased with it and it lasted for days.  The blue in the Tristam really complimented the pink and gold in She Walks in Beauty.

I know there are too many pictures but I find it so hard to pick!  I love A England's polishes so much.  I do hope this business with Royal Mail doesn't affect her business too badly.

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