Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Braids, Skittles, Duochromes and Sponging!

I managed to fit an awful lot into this mani!!!  I picked up some cheap polishes from Boots and one of them was pretty much a dupe for Chanel Peridot that everyone went mad over.

Anyway, these are the polishes I used:

See the polish 2nd from the left? That's the Chanel Peridot dupe
I decided I wanted to do a duochrome skittle and chose these 4 polishes to do it with.  Well, I'd just bought them so it would have been rude not too!  (I'd tell you the names of the polishes but they are buried somewhere in my 'to be sorted' pile.  But they are L-R Miss Sporty, 17, Rimmel London, Rimmel London)  They are all a bit thin, but the third from the right was really sheer so I didn't use it in my braid.  Yes, I did a braid as well!

This was my first time doing a braid, but I had just read up on the technique so I wanted to try it while it was still fresh in my mind and I felt it tied the manicure together.  To finish it up I sponged Haze Glaze Bling It (sadly discontinued) on the tips of my fingers, again to tie the mani together.

I was so proud of this mani that I couldn't wait to show it off but sadly the pictures just don't do it justice.

The duochrome effect on this was amazing but I really struggled to show it in the pictures I took so I'm afraid you are about to get picture spam - I've cut out as many as I could but here goes!!!

I know some of these photos are a bit washed out but I really wanted to show the shift in colour.

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