Sunday, 20 January 2013

Flocking and Sparkles

The lovely Jenna sent me some flocking powder in a swap and I'd seen somewhere else the idea of mixing in glitter with the powder for an extra touch of sparkle so I added some GOSH silver nail glitter to the powder and shook it up.

The glitter made the powder a little bit sparkly which I thought was fantastic but the glitter is heavier than the flocking powder so it kept sinking to the bottom.  The other problem was there was a tiny hole in the bag I keep the powder in, and although it wasn't big enough to let the flocking powder through, it was big enough to let the glitter through (it's really fine grade!) so I left a trail of silver glitter behind me!

I just used the flocking powder on an accent nail - although you can't really pick it up in the photos its a mix of purple and green.  So I wore it over Dandy Nails Caught in the Crowd.  And that was weird because in real life the glitter gave just the amount of coverage I wanted but in the photos you can see loads of nail.  Oh well never mind.

I'm struggling with the dark days we have at the minute to take any decent daylight photos, so most of them are under my work lamp.  Anyway, let me know what you think.

You can see all the flocking powder still stuck to my fingers - I really struggled to get it off!! 

The only problem I had with the flocking powder is that while it went on lovely and thick, it seemed to wear off really quickly until there was just a thick coating.  I'd love to work out how to get a really thick coat to stay for a bit longer.  Though it might have stayed on longer if I hadn't felt the need to keep stroking it - you just can't stop touching it!

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