Wednesday, 23 January 2013

NPB A Good Man Goes to War - A Love/Hate!!

When I found out Nail Pattern Boldness was selling a line of Doctor Who inspired polish - how could I resist?!

The first one I tried was A Good Man Goes to War, a beautiful strawberry red jelly with hexes, squares and dot glitters.  I was so torn by this polish.  I loved to look at close up on my nail - the jelly effect was just scrumptious and the glitter was cute.  But when I held my hands out I hated it because it just didn't suit my skin tone - I don't ever wear reds in that colour.  Not the polish's fault, just not my cup of tea.

But as I wore it, it really grew on me and I think I will be wearing it again.  However my cuticles were DITCHED when I took these photos so please excuse them!

I added stickers to it to add more interest - they're supposed to change colour in the sunlight but they didn't :(

Have you ever had a polish that you loved and hated at the same time?

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