Wednesday, 14 January 2015

13 Days of January Nail Art Challenge - Day 6: Inspired by Pinterest

Day 6 and I'm still here!  That has to be some kind of record!  Almost on the home stretch!  

Today's challenge was inspired by Pinterest.  I love Pinterest.  I can lose many hours there.  I'd recently been pinning pictures that I wanted to use as inspiration for nail art so I instantly knew which one I wanted to use for this mani.  I've been trying to create my own nail art from ideas rather than just copy someone else's mani all the time, so my inspiration isn't a nail pin, but a picture that leapt out at me with beautiful colours that I wanted to try to recreate.  The picture that inspired me is this one here:

I didn't quite manage to get all the colours in.  I think I may have another go at this one another time, but this was my first attempt at doing a fan brush gradient, and as first attempts go I don't think this was too bad.  I used a selection of Darling Diva polishes along with 6 Harts Blow Me a Raspberry, all beautiful delicate holo polishes.

What do you think for a first attempt?  By the way, if you can recommend a good one coat white I'd be ever so grateful!  The one thing I hate about nail art is the frequent need for a white base and I always struggle to make them non streaky!

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