Monday, 5 January 2015

13 Days of January Nail Art Challenge - Day 2: Happiness

I know, I know, 2 blog posts in less than a week!  Well I'm trying to keep up with this challenge.  So here goes, Day 2.

Today's prompt was 'happiness' which threw me for a spin, because how do you show happiness on your nails? So I went for something that makes me happy, which is cats.  How can a cat not make you smile?!  I did a gradient base using Wet and Wild Black Creme, Zoya Song and China Glaze Fairy Dust to try and create a starry night time look.  I then stamped over it using Barry M Silver Foil with as many cat images as I could.  Somehow, by watching loads and loads of instagram videos, I've managed to work out how to stamp.  Yay me!  The right polishes help too!

My apologies for the clean up by the way.  I did do a clean up but looking at the photos I managed to make an awful job of it!  Must try harder!  To be fair tho, I do find blue one of the hardest polishes to clean up!

Anyway here are the pictures :)

Again, please check out the other lovely girls who have taken part in this challenge below:


  1. Cute :) and don't worry about your cleanup, I also find it hard to clean up blues. I normally use pure acetone and then just use cuticle oil afterwards for the intense dryness. Anyway, love your interpretation of happiness. Mine was dogs lol but I have also owned many cats! Love all the pets haha.

    1. I'm still struggling to find the perfect clean up brush and blue is always a nightmare! Thanks, I think a lot of people found happiness in their pets ☺️


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