Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Time For A Change

If you follow my little blog at all you will notice a few differences.  Firstly the name.  I no longer felt that 'Lacquers of Kasterborous' reflected my current interests and what I want to blog about.  I still love Doctor Who and nail polish but I want to expand on what I write about.  This means that blog posts will be different.  They won't just be about nail polish.  I review products for Amazon market place sellers and some of those will appear here.  And who knows what else I'll find to write about?

Along with changing the name I've obviously changed the styling of the blog.  I'm still me, still Jo. Still liable to waffle on at any given time.  But I feel this change will give me more freedom.

I hope you stick around despite the changes.  I hope that blog posts will be a bit more regular now I'm writing about what is current in my life.

Lets see what happens next...

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