Monday, 26 September 2016

Becoming Conflab Corner

I've had a few blogs in my time.  I had a mummy blog.  Then I had a nail polish blog.  Then I had another nail polish blog which is what this used to be.

But all those were very separate interests.  And my life isn't separate.  Yes, I'm a mummy and that has a huge affect on my life.  I'm also a special needs mummy.  And a single mummy! But that doesn't define who I am.  I also still love my nail polish.  I haven't painted my nails for ages but that doesn't mean it's not still one of my interests.  But as I opened up the beauty world I realised that there is so much more out there than just nail polish.  There are gorgeous eye shadow palettes to be had, and awesome highlighting powders!  And did someone say contour? I can take 10 pounds off my face instantly!!  I also started doing reviews.  But none of those things are exclusive of each other and I felt it was time to bring them all together.

So I have imported my previous blog from Lipgloss & Babywipes.  I loved that blog but I am no longer a mum to babies.  Though I still use babywipes a lot! I needed a blog that reflected me and who I am now.  Hence Conflab Corner was born.

This is my outlet, to talk about the great products I've received, awesome beauty products I had to have, my make up that I'm proud of, and sometimes, what it's like being a mum to two autistic children.

I hope you enjoy it.  I'm looking forward to doing more writing.

Sit down and enjoy the ride....

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