Thursday, 13 October 2016

#Blogtober 16 Day 13 - What's In Your Fridge?

Well there is no way you're looking inside my fridge. Sorry.  It needs a clean out and, yes, well.

But when I moved into this house, I was finally able to buy an American style fridge freezer and I was soooooo happy! I actually hugged it! Finally a place I could store all the food my kids eat!

So what's usually in it? Well, the basics, milk, cheese, babybels. The top shelf is usually a mix of half used jars of jam, some jars of pickles with just a few sad little guys floating around, and about 12 bottles of Calpol/Calprofen in various stages of use! And whatever else medicine we've had lately (or not so lately). There will probably also be a jar of mayonnaise and a drunk ketchup bottle.

There will nearly always be Pepsi Max in my fridge. I'm a bit of an addict so drink at least one can a day. I know it's not good for me but I can't help it. Currently there is also some slightly out of date greek yoghurt and some ready made pastry I had planned to make some wonderful meal with.

Somewhere in there will be some cold meat, meat for dinner, carrots, apples, a few dead oranges, some weird and wonderful vegetable or fruit I bought intending to use and never did, and a loose chocolate that's somehow escaped the kids' beady eyes!!!

There's never anything I actually want in there though!

I hope these questions get less scary as the prompts go on! Anyway, follow the bat to have a nose in the other bloggers' fridges!



  1. Calpol in the fridge Lol that's a new one for me! I'd love a big American fridge but we just don't have the space for one #Blogtober16

  2. I've never put Calpol in the fridge either. We have 2 fridges to keep everything in. #blogtober16

  3. I've never heard of putting Calpol in the fridge! I'd love an American style fridge freezer, but the only space for a fridge in our kitchen is just too small to fit one :( #Blogtober16

  4. hehehe! I did my post on shopping day after the fridge had been cleaned. lol
    I have never heard of keeping Calpol in the fridge.

  5. I specially cleaned my fridge for this hahah Pepsi Max is a fridge staple here too, and I LOVE my american fridge freezer #Blogtober16


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