Tuesday, 11 October 2016

#Blogtober16 Day 11 - Favourite Type of Animal

For me, asking my favourite type of animal is like asking me to pick a favourite child. I love most animals and even the ones I'm not so keen on I can admire for their skills, abilities or other wonders of creation.

Some of my top picks are rats, bats, meerkats, dogs, horses and giraffe (giraffes?!)

But my favourite animal is the cat. Whether it's a tiny moggy or a majestic lion, they really are the king of beasts for me. I love the different personalities they have. And how whether it's a housecat in Chester or a lion on the plains of Africa, they will always seek the warmest spot. Also, having two autistic children, I can say for definite that cats are autistic.

Here's some pictures of my two moggies, Gizmo and Fuzzy (Fuzzy was named by the Boy btw). Gizzy is 7 years old and Fuzzy is 1. They drive me potty but I love them to bits. Bit like the kids really.


Fuzzy - he spent some time fascinated by baths!

That's my fur babies! If you want to see what the other blogs taking part in Blogtober16 have chosen, click on the bat!



  1. They are beautiful cats #Blogtober16

  2. Ah I love cats! I can't wait to get one myself :) #blogtober16

  3. Aww! Your cats are so cute...


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