Monday, 17 October 2016

#Blogtober16 Day 17 - Favourite Concert You Have Attended

Today's prompt had me scratching my head. First of all I had to think of all the concerts I've been to, and I had to ask friends and family to help me remember. I have been to see an eclectic mix!!

Richard Clayderman
Michael Ball (at least twice)
Michael Crawford
The Corrs
Possibly Stereophonics
Ronan Keating
Andre Rieu
Bon Jovi

I told you it was a mix. I really can't remember if I've seen Stereophonics or not. I know some of my friends and I may have gone with them but they aren't my favourite band so I'm not sure!!

Favourite concert has to be Bon Jovi One Wild Night. They are amazing live. Definitely my favourite band. And they're sort of timeless. My sister is a lot older than me and I grew up hearing Bon Jovi playing and they just stuck with me. She never developed my love of Michael Ball, sadly.

If, like me, you're a Bon Jovi fan, watch this video of Jon Bon Jovi singing Hallelujah.  Gives me chills every time.

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  1. Ah a friend of mine went to a Bon Jovi concert and said it was amazing #Blogtober16

  2. Yay! My favourite concert is a Bon Jovi one too. hehehe

    1. I'd love to go again but its a bit difficult with kids in tow lol


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