Monday, 24 October 2016

#Blogtober16 Day 24 - Disney Character I Most Identify With

Belle and her books

Asked which Disney character I most identify with with, I was stumped. I've never seen myself as a Disney princess. Probably if anything it should be something completely daft, like the waiter penguins in Mary Poppins.

But if there's one Disney character I totally got, it was Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She always had her nose in a book and I was the same. As a kid I had several books stashed around the house to read. I read Lord of the Rings in a week. Belle was much more interested in books than the boorish Gaston. And when she did find someone special she was more interested in his personality than his looks.

The library!
The beast wooed Belle the same way I would love to be wooed - with a library! All those books! My biggest problem in my house is not enough room to store books. I do read a lot of books on my tablet now but nothing quite beats holding a book in your hand.

Outside of Disney, the character I identify with most is Jo March from Little Women. She is such an emotional character and has incredible heart. I always wanted to be able to write like she did and she was an inspiration to me growing up. As a teenager I could never understand why she turned down the handsome Laurie and ended up with the older Herr Bhaer but now I'm older, I know she made the right choice, choosing a man who would support her and challenge her reading.

This was a prompt from the Blogtober16 series, follow the bat to see who the other bloggers taking part chose.


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