Monday, 3 October 2016

#Blogtober16 Day 3 - If You Won the Lottery You Would?

Well this was an interesting prompt for Blogtober16.  What would you do if you won the lottery?  Well firstly, I'd fall over in shock as I don't actually play the lottery!

But in the fantasy world where I do miraculously win something I don't take part in...

  • Buy a big communal property for me, the kids, my mum and dad, and my sister and her husband to live in.  We would all have separate residences but we would be close together and they wouldn't have to worry about living expenses again.  Oh and we would have a nice indoor warmed pool.
  • In one corner of the property I would establish a cat sanctuary and cats could be fostered until they could find proper homes.
  • I would employ a cleaner and ironer. And chef. I'd only cook and clean when I wanted to.
  • A huge priority would be to find a private healthcare professional who could assess my kids autism and ADHD and provide specialised care, therapy and medication to help them get the best out of life.
  • Throw my windows PC under a bus and buy a MAC. Actually I'd probably do that first!
  • Take everyone on a nice hot seaside holiday.
  • If there was any left over I'd buy a property on the North Wales coast somewhere with sea views and we could go up on the weekend.
So that's my list! What's yours?

Again, I'm taking part in Blogtober16 hosted by the lovely Mandi at Hexmum and more posts can be found by clicking on the bat below. 



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  2. want an indoor warmed pool! I also love that you'd take care of your family, from residence to medication! Such a lovely thought!

  3. Such great ideas and dreams....
    I love the sound of only cooking and cleaning when I wanted to and the cat sanctuary sounds like a lovely idea.


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