Tuesday, 4 October 2016

#Blogtober16 Day 4 - Share a Secret About Yourself

This is probably the most challenging post of Blogtober16.  Share a secret about yourself.  I mean, if it's a secret secret I probably don't want to put it out there on the internet for everyone to read.  But if it's boring then its not really a secret is it?

So I thought I'd share a couple of unspoken ambitions, although I did allude to one of them in yesterday's Blogtober post.

My first ambition, I want to join a choir.  Not any choir, a specific one.  It's not an opportunity that is open to me at the moment but I think if I practice my singing now it's something I can work towards. I may never reach it but it's good to have goals isn't it?

OK, so my second ambition is the one I mentioned in yesterday's post - I'd love to be a cat fosterer.  Again, it's not something I can do right now while the kids are young - they deserve all my time and attention.  Also, with the ADHD, impulse control is a problem for the older two and goodness knows what would happen to the poor kitty cats! And I have two cats of my own who I don't think would take kindly to house guests! So for now, this is another ambition on the back burner.  My solution is to follow as many cat fosterers on Instagram as possible!

So that's my secret! What's yours?!

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  1. what a good idea, sharing your unspoken ambitions, and what wonderful ambitions they are. I have sang in choirs, but I'm not a good singer, I just like to join in and it's so rewarding.

  2. What fantastic ambitions to have....It is good to have goals.
    I wish I could sing well enough to even think about joining a choir x


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