Friday, 7 October 2016

#Blogtober16 Day 7 - What Made You Start Blogging?

So a week in and I'm still at it! I'm impressed! Today's prompt was what made you start blogging?

This current blog is fairly new. Well it's actually two old blogs joined together and rebranded. And I've only recently started blogging again. So what set me off this time?

I have to give a huge amount of credit to Bunny at Grav3yard Girl. I ended up watching her channel and it gave me huge inspiration. Although a beauty vlogger by definition, her channel is a wonderful, eclectic mix of unboxing, does thing really work, random meanderings, and just generally a lot of fun. Also, although she is extremely talented in the art of applying makeup, she isn't scared to film a video with none on. What I learnt from her is that you can be popular without always being 'dressed to impress' and without sticking to a defined niche. This gave me the impetus to start blogging again.

At one point I was a mummy blogger. Although I enjoyed it, it felt very limiting. It's not who I am. Then I got into nail polish and became a nail polish blogger. But again it was limiting and I struggled to find time to do the regular swatching and nail art that a nail polish blog requires. I also love makeup and would love to do some makeup tutorials but I didn't want a beauty blog. I wanted something diverse, something that didn't define me or pigeon hole me. I am a 3D person, I can't be slotted into a blogger niche. So I decided to start a YouTube channel, but I also realised I needed to network and a blog to back it up if I wanted to be semi-successful. So I started blogging again, and I'm enjoying it.

Another huge motivator sadly, is finances. I'm currently a stay at home mum with two disabled children. I can't go out to work because I never know when I'm going to get a phone call asking me to come into school. Also childcare in school holidays is an impossibility. Childcare just for my eldest would cost £75 a day for 6 hours. Add in the other two and it comes to over £100 a day. I have yet to work a job that will pay me that much for 5 hours work. And extra for rent, food etc. You know, the basics. It is possible to make a living out of blogging and YouTubing, as long as you put in the hard work. Now don't get me wrong, it's not an easy way to make some extra cash. It requires dedication and a willingness to really work at it to make it successful. It also doesn't happen overnight. But it happens to be a job that is flexible and fits in round school hours. Also, the very fact that my children have autism and ADHD opens up another blogging niche, and can provide some quite interesting material. It also allows me to do what I have always loved doing, since I was little - writing.

So that was quite an essay. Thanks again to Mandi at Hexmum for providing a thought provoking prompt. Please follow the bat for more amazing blogs.



  1. How interesting...
    It is the perfect job for working at home. Especially when you have children which need you.

  2. Its a great job for fitting in with family but I agree it is hard work and finding time when you have children is difficult #Blogtober16

  3. Loved reading your story. I also felt, whilst I blog about my life as a mum/family, I'm not a mum blogger at heart, and I love watching Grav3yard Girls videos - she is very inspirational, especially for the younger people that watch her! Glad you're enjoying it again. #Blogtober16

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