Monday, 10 October 2016

How To Beat Facebook Page Sharing Algorithms and Boost the Reach of Blog Posts

If you own a Facebook page you know the frustration. You write something witty or important and it reaches hardly any of your followers.

It's annoying as a Facebook user too. You choose a page to follow, but unless you are extremely active on it, Facebook algorithms decide whether you need to see it or not. I liked the page Facebook! Of course I want to see it!

Boost posts

I have a following of nearly 4,000 yet my posts were reaching 11-20 people. That's 0.002%! Where is the sense in that?! Of course you can pay and boost your post. But how do you know Facebook will boost it to the right people? And in my opinion, the more Facebook is paid to boost posts, the more it will make sure that posts only reach a small amount of people.

My sad little post reached 11 people. 11.

Then I noticed something. Posts that I'd shared via Instagram had a much higher reach. They were reaching over 1,000 people, which is more like 25%. Not as many as I'd like to reach but it's a huge improvement. And cheaper! 

An Instagram post I'd shared on Facebook reached 1,122

 Even straight posts to Facebook without links weren't reaching many people. 

Even without a link it only reached 8 people!

When you are a blogger, YouTuber or seller, this really becomes a problem. Facebook algorithms don't like external links very much so you share your links via social media as usual but only reach a tiny percentage of your followers. You get a better reach via Instagram (although this also has weird algorithms) but Instagram doesn't allow you to share links. However it is possible to utilise Facebook's love for Instagram posts to share links and reach more followers. How?

Simply create your Instagram post as usual but include your link to your post/product/website. Although the link won't work on Instagram it WILL work when it posts on Facebook. 

Same link as above but this time shared through Instagram with lots of hashtags 

Same link as above but with one hashtag

So there you have it. An easy way to boost the reach of more of your followers on Facebook by using Instagram.


  1. This is a really good idea actually I'm off to change my settings :)

  2. Really useful, actually had already come to this conclusion myself and now always post via Instagram to Facebook this way. :)

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