Sunday, 16 October 2016

Review of Ocathnon Selfie Ring Light and Back Up Charger

I've included my video review here but you can also find my thoughts below.

I was very impressed with the Ocanthon Selfie Ring Light bought through Amazon.

The USB ports
Brightest setting
Ocathnon Selfie Ring Light

It has three light settings, and even the lightest setting I found so bright I couldn't look at directly! The light clips on really easily onto your phone and fits almost any phone. The light really helps improve selfies and product photos. You can see in the example below the difference it makes when taking a picture.

Without lighting

With the selfie ring light

The ring light also doubles up as a back up charger for your phone or tablet. The cable it comes with has a USB plug at one end and a micro USB plug at the other, with an adaptor for a lightning adapter. This is great because it means you just need to carry one cable around with you to either charge it up or use it to charge your phone up. It has a 1500MAH battery which doesn't mean a lot to me but I do know it means you can get a decent amount of charge!

Overall I am very impressed with this handy device and it will definitely be something I carry around with me for impromptu selfies and those days when I run out of battery really fast! Is this something you would use? Let me know in the comments!

I was sent this item to review and this post contains affiliate links.
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