Wednesday, 26 October 2016

RIP Great British Bake Off

Tonight was a bittersweet moment on British television. We said goodbye to the Great British Bake Off as we know it when we should have been celebrating the crowning of the latest winner. However it is revised on Channel 4, it will not have Mel & Sue and their terrible witty puns, or the driving blue eyes of Mary Berry. No longer will summer Wednesday nights be spent reveling in a TV show that turned out to be quintessentially British.

Who would have known, 6 years ago, that a baking competition set in a tent could come to represent a country? Could come to cause such controversy over Baked Alaskas, or joy over a bread in the shape of a lion? That macarons (macaroons?) would become something that bakers would just 'whip up' as part of a Showstopper? That a Hollywood Handshake would become a consummation devoutly to be wished? Or that a Mel and Sue sandwich could become the highlight of a baker's career?

Whatever form the Bakeoff takes next year, whether it on Channel 4, or whether the BBC come up with a new baking competition featuring Mel, Sue and Mary, it will never the be the same again. It will always be different, and slightly tainted. 

In bakery terms, it seems there are worse things than soggy bottoms, raw dough and dry sponge cake. The Great British Bake Off is no more.

RIP GBBO. You will be missed.


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